Dear All, my first instrumental Album 'The Quest' has been released May 12th through Limb Music (digital) and No Dust Records (CD & LP). I keep getting great reviews and feedback in the press which i think is not to be taken for granted in today's music climate and this for an instrumental album, so i think this speaks for the quality of the Album :-) Also we have released 2 Videos for 'The Quest' and 'Summer Presto' please check the Video section accordingly. I have updated the Music Player with 3 Songs, the Biography Section, we have added the webshop which is online now, Reviews and Magazine Articles have been added to the website as well. In the meantime, thanks a lot for your valued support!


Glad to announce that my first instrumental album 'The Quest' will be released through Limb Music and No Dust records, please see below the press release from Limb Music:

We are happy to announce that Swiss guitar artist Roger Staffelbach (Artension, Artlantica, Angel of Eden) will release his first instrumental album "The Quest" on Limb Music.
Roger has been one of the respected exponents of neoclassical power guitar since the mid-1990s. The genre was largely defined in the 1980s by pioneers such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Tony MacAlpine.

As with all his band releases since the strong 1996 Artension debut "Into the Eye of the Storm", Roger is on par with his idols with his first solo album "The Quest" - from precise shred riffing and seamless melodic leads to soulful concert guitar passages.

"The Quest": A virtuously played, melodically stirring solo work for lovers of neo-classical electric guitar art.